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The Anderson County Humane Society is a private, not-for-profit animal welfare organization.  An all-volunteer Board of Directors governs our organization.  We are NOT affiliated with the Animal Shelter or Animal Control.  (although we do try to help place animals from the shelter)  Because we are NOT a division of County Government, we depend on donations from concerned citizens like YOU.

All of the members have regular jobs and volunteer for the Humane Society as time permits.  Our organization did not start out as a shelter and we have limited spaceto hold animals at our clinic. Many of our animals are kept in individual foster homes until they are adopted. The Anderson County Humane Society DOES NOT euthanize any animals for space; we only consider euthanasia when an animal is the final stages of a terminals illness or is in severe pain that cannot be controlled.  However, many wonderful animals have to be turned away due to the limited cages in our clinic and the limited number of foster homes.  We could really use your help in this area.  Please call the clinic at (864) 367-7220 or stop by the clinic if you would be willing to foster an animal.  This program is a life line for our animals.


To improve the quality of life of animals in the Anderson County Area.  We accomplish this mission through various programs, activities, and events.

How to report problems

  1. To report maltreatment or neglect of an animal.  If there is a life threatening emergency, immediately call Anderson County Animal Control at (864) 260-5576 or PAWS at 864-260-4051  
  2. Emergency medical assistance-Take the animal to a Veterinarian first for Initial treatment then contact the Humane Society with your request.  Assistance is reserved for people experiencing financial difficulty.  It is given on a very limited basis only after a case review.  Remember we have a voice mail system and precious time could be lost resulting in permanent injury or death if you try to contact us first! If you cannot reach us by phone, ask your veterinarian to call us for assistance. Our main phone number is not monitored 24/7 but most area vets cam reach us.
  3. Lost & Found-Leave a good description of the animal.  Where it was lost or found, your name, address, area phone number and the best time to reach you.
  4. Adoption-If you'd like to adopt one of our foster animals please review our adoptable pets at Petfinder or Adopt-a-pet
  5. Membership & Volunteering-Call 864-367-7220 and leave your name, address, phone number and a brief message indicating your reason for calling, or send an email to Kelly Koonce
  6. General Information-Animal related questions, animal services, etc.  We can be reached by called 864-367-7220 - please leave your name, address, phone number, and a brief message indicating your reason for calling. You can also reach us through our Facebook page
  7. Low Cost Spay/Neuter-If you need assistance in spaying/neutering an animal, call our low-cost spay/neuter clinic at (864)367-7220 to get information or make an appointment or contact us via Facebook.
  8. Foster Homes-We desperately need help in this area.  If you would like to become a foster parent please contact us at at (864)367-7220 or contact us via Facebook.

ACHS clinic has spayed and neutered over 31,000 animals.


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