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Lambchop - A Success Story

Lambchop - Then


Lambchop Now



Lambchop was an orphan who was the runt of the litter and had many health issues as a kitten. It seemed that he was never going to put on weight or get healthy. He finally put on some weight and got healthier and was put up for adoption by his kitten foster parents. Here is an email from his adopted parent:


"I often think about you and how you brought me and Lambchop together.  Lambie is such a big boy now.  About 9 or so pounds, but not fat by no means.  He flies around the house preforming "Matrix" movie stunts in the air and keeps me so very busy.  He taught himself to play fetch from watching the dogs.  It's always fun to play when he whacks me in the cheek when I'm sleeping at 3 am to throw it, ha, ha.  I lost one of my dogs last year and Lambchop was so very depressed with my remaining dog.  But that night when I returned home without my other dog, Lambchop slept with George on his dog bed with him.  My dog I have now... George, a trained guard dog, let's lambchop beat him up, ha, ha.  They are two peas in a pod these two.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I usually wouldn't send many, but I remember how sick Lambie was when he was a kitten and how I'll always remember that and continue to take such good care of him.  I'll leave with one last thought.  I have never experienced this with any other pet, but I swear Lambchop was a little boy in another life.  He likes to help when I'm fixing stuff, when I nod my head to him from across the room, he nods back, like a little gentleman and he certainly has his own personality.  He understands exactly what I say to him.  I'm beginning to think he's my boss now.  He's crazy, funny, cute and I love him to death.  Thank you again for my baby.  I wish you well and hope that business is good with the Human Society.  Please feel free to write anytime.  Good evening!"



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